Actress Chesan Nze

Top 10 Amazing facts About Nollywood Actress Chesan Nze

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Actress Chesan Nze
Chesan Nze

Chesan Nze is a Nollywood Actress Born on September 5th 1992 she is 27 Years and From Anambra State , According to Online Sources.

On September 22nd 2019 Actress Chesan Nze sent out a warning to Nollywood movie producers insisting on sleeping with her before giving her movie roles as she explained why she barely feature in movies.

Chesan said most male movie producers are out to frustrate and drain female entertainers emotionally and physically. The aggrieved actress averred that she won’t name any producer now but will be forced to do that if such act continues.

Below are the Top 10 Great things you have to know about Chesan Nze.

Top 10 Amazing facts About Nollywood Actress Chesan Nze:

1. Actress Chesan Nze was born on September 5th 1992 (27 Years Old)

2. Her height is 1.87 m

3. Actress Chesan Nze is the 3rd Daughter of Family of 5.

4. Chesan Nze, started acting as a child but professionally in 2014 and has also appeared in some Ghanaian movies.

5. She is a Graduate of Mass Communications at Zenith University in Accra after a diploma in Banking and Finance from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, in Nigeria.

6. Apart from Acting She is also a Beauty Therapist.

7. On September 23 2017 She Vowed Never to Date Ghanaian men Because they are so Lazy.

8. She is Fair in complexion and describes herself as African goddess.

9. He hobby is twerking , Drinking , Partying and Going to Clubs and Festivals.

10. On Her Instagram page , she described herself as a Singer and an Entrepreneur, you can contact her by sending a mail to

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