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It has become a norm in recent times in Nigeria’s music industry that artiste will leave the record label that made them blow to establish their own record label.

While it worked for few Nigerian artistes, it never worked for many. A good number of artistes that left their record label to be independent suffered great career decline.

On this edition of NL Podcast, we take a deep look into the music industry then fish out top 5 Nigerian artistes that were very successful under the record label that introduced them into the music industry but started struggling after exit.

Some Points Raised In This Podcast Are:-

👉 At what point should an artiste consider leaving the record label that made them blow?

👉 How artistes can maintain stardom even after leaving the record label that them blow

👉 The mistakes these 5 artistes mentioned in this podcast made that is making them struggle now

👉 What the 5 artistes can do to get back to winning ways

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Whether you like it or not, the artistes mentioned in this podcast are struggling for relevance.

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Do You Agree With The 5 Artistes Mentioned On This Podcast?

Who Among Them Do You Think Can Still Make A Big Come Back?

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