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Virtually everyone loves adventures. Sometimes we get to create our very own, while in other cases we only get to ride along. Whatever the case may be, we savor the unpredictability of events, and we cherish the experiences that come along; clinging on to every memory until we find ourselves in the midst of another epic scene, and on and on, we go, writing and rewriting history.

The Infinix adventure has seen many come aboard and it’s been a swell ride so far. Following their core brand message – The future is now – they have taken us on an exclusive fun ride into the future; bringing cutting edge technology to our palms that have now shaped how we interact and even do business.

The Infinix adventure started less than a decade ago, and it’s amazing to see how they’ve endeared themselves to many.

They have been at the fore of innovations, embracing the rapid technological advancement as well as the change in fashion trends and have combined both elements to give us the best of both worlds.

In an era where smartphone photography has become the rave, and multiple rear cameras the tool for pictorial perfection, the brand has debuted its versatile quad-camera smartphone – S5 – that has proven to be efficient in capturing different scenes under varying light condition

Uncertain of what to expect from the brand, we anticipate the unveiling of a futuristic design with consumer centered specifications and at all times the premium smartphone brand has met our expectations with utter satisfaction.

Infinix Adventure

The S5 was launched November last year. To the joy of smartphone enthusiast, this device adopted a quad camera setup with 16MP main camera + 2MP super Macro + 5MP wide angle camera + 2MP depth sensor.

Amongst other features of the device was the 32MP selfie camera placed in the infinity-O display of the 6.6inch screen. The device has ever since been the subject of many conversations around excellent smartphone photography.

In the midst of all these epic smartphone releases, we’ve also seen series of initiatives that have catered to the basic needs of its target audience. There was the 7x money back promo in April, Hot 8 challenge in August and the styled by Infinix S5 in the final quarter of the year. All of these activities saw many lucky winners walk away with amazing cash prizes and a massive wardrobe allowance.

Infinix mobility has made it a culture to get knee deep into Lifestyle conscious activities. Hence, they thrilled fans to a couple of such activities in the previous year. There was the island block party supported by Infinix in August, 12 12 party in December and the spectacular wrap up event, “A Good time with Davido” with which the brand and its ambassador closed the curtain on the year 2019.
As is broadly known, Infinix brand ambassador – Davido, has also proven to be instrumental in engaging fans with fun activities at events; leaving them with lasting memories.

Infinix Adventure

We never know what to expect from this never-ending blissful adventure. What would we see this year? A pop-up camera maybe, or even a smartphone with holographic display? Nothing seems to be impossible for this brand. So, I’d say we’ll keep our fingers crossed and expect nothing but the best as we travel yet another year with Infinix Mobility.

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