Turkey to introduce law allowing rapists marry their victims to avoid prosecution

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Turkey plans to introduce a law that will allow rapists to marry their victims to avoid prosecution. The law will allow men accused if raping underage girls to marry their victims to avoid punishment.

The “marry-your-rapists” bill is to be introduced into the Turkish parliament by the end of January and his has angered Turkish women’s rights campaigners.

Turkey to introduce law allowing rapists marry their victims to avoid prosecution - lailasnews

The women’ right campaigners in Turkey claim the legislation legitimises child marriage and statutory rape, also allowing child abuse and sexual exploitation in the process.

Sad Abu-Dayyeh, a campaigner who specialises in the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan for women and girl’s rights organisation, Equality Now, spoke to The Independent on the issue.

She said: “I applaud the brave work of women’s rights campaigners in Turkey who are taking a stand against this discriminatory bill and pushing back against regressive forces that are seeking to remove current legal protection for girls.

“Thanks to years of campaigning by women’s rights activists and lawmakers, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and Palestine have all removed these loopholes in recent years.

“Rather than attempting to introduce legislation that harmed women’s rights and protections, Turkish lawmakers should take heed of these advances in repealing gender discriminatory laws.”

The law which has been introduced in some parts of the world, have been tied to the idea of protecting the family’s honour. The “marry-your-rapists” legislation also focuses on the issue of ensuring children who are produced as a result of rape are not left fatherless.

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