Wedding cancelled after groom’s father allegedly ran away to marry bride’s mother

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A couple were forced to cancel their wedding after the groom’s father allegedly eloped with the bride’s mother.

A social media user, Maxvayshia, shared the story on his social media page, confirming that it actually happened.

Wedding cancelled after groom's father allegedly ran away to marry bride's mother

He wrote;

So this wedding was cancelled because groom’s father eloped with bride’s mother. Mahd oo.

What is more funny is that this is not a joke. It happened live 😂

See some reactions to the post below.

Thinking about this : so the ex fiancé and fiancée becomes step brother and step sister , toor step son and daughter becomes ex lovers . My head hurts 😂😂 – @sexysemaye

They’re not ready to get married yet. What’s my business with what two adults decide to do with their retirement years? – @loistruly

Ewoo, so the kids were planning their wedding, the groom’s dad and the bride’s mom were planning their own too. Issokay – @cyberry1

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Was that enough reason? Well except the grooms father is still married to his mother – @romina_abdallah

One big happy fam nì now. haba nothing spoil😎  Make bride/groom marry joor – @IamtheOGee

If the wedding continues, there will be a lot of relationships between the parents and children. – @VintageMAk

Baba oko and iya iyawo probably had feelings for each other.They chose their happiness over that of ttheir http://kids.So the groom and bride will now start acting cordial. – @anate20101

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