RCCG Prayer And Fasting 2020 - Day 6

#RCCG FAST – Day 6 “Prayer And Fasting 2020” – Prayer Points

Source: RCCG Prayer And Fasting 2020

#RCCG FAST – Day 6 “Prayer And Fasting 2020” – Prayer Points – Redeemed Christian Church of God By Pastor E A Adeboye.

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RCCG Prayer And Fasting 2020 - Day 6



Prophecy is a message inspired by God. At the beginning of this year 2020, God gave us prophecy through our Daddy, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God: for individual, the Church and the Nations. Now for all children of God at large, and for the RCCG members in particular, this is going to be a year of series of joy, series of victory. It is the year of series of battles that our enemies will lose.

1. Let us thank God for the spirit of true prophecy in RCCG2. Reflecting over the past events in our lives, Let us thank God for the fulfillments of past prophecies.
3. God says for every individual in RCCG, this is going to be a year of series of joy, series of victory, thank
God for the victory ahead.
4. However Daddy GO warned, there is no victory without a fight. Pray that for every RCCG member,
we will not fear the battle for the Lord will truly be our light and our salvation. Psalms 27:1
5. Father; grant us boldness to confront any giant that may rise against us. 1 Samuel 17, 35-36
6. Father: grant us boldness to stand firm in faith against treat of any unseen enemies. Proverbs 28:1
7. Since the battle is not ours, let us pray for the spirit of effective prayers and intercessions.
Psalms 50:15
8. Pray for all RCCG members to receive power to live holy and be obedient dwelling in the secret
place of the Most High. Psalms 91:1
9. Daddy says, there will be shout of joy this year; Let us pray for Joy to replace sorrow in all our
tabernacles. Psalms 118:17
10. Father; in times of storm, let us always remember and hold on to your promises of help in time
of trouble Psalms 50:1
11. Father; whenever storm arises, let us always remember that the battle is the Lord’s.
2 Chronicles 20:15
12. Father, give us the anointing and boldness of David to confront every Goliath on our way
throughout year 2020 and beyond, in Jesus name.
13. Father; help me in my devotion, to draw nearer unto you day after day in Jesus name.
14. Father; no matter the storms that may come my way, give me strength never to faint in time of
15. Father; we thank you because you always hear our prayers every time we call upon your name.


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